Abt SRBI was founded in 1981 as Schulman, Ronca & Bucuvalas, Inc. (SRBI) to combine high-quality analytic capabilities with in-house control of research implementation. The goal: high-quality, timely, and actionable research for strategy and decision-making in rapidly changing environments.

When SRBI became the survey research subsidiary of Abt Associates in 2007, it was renamed Abt SRBI. Mark Schulman and Albert Ronca remain active in the firm.

Over more than 30 years, Abt SRBI has established a track record for providing excellent, cost-effective research and analysis. In addition to headquarters in New York City, we have major offices in the Washington D.C., area, Cambridge, MA, Chicago, IL, and Durham, NC, and other facilities throughout the country.

Abt SRBI is a member of the National Council on Published Polls (NCCP) and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO). We strictly abide by the codes of standards and disclosure of these organizations.

Subsidiary of Abt Associates

Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development. Known for its rigorous approach to solving complex challenges, Abt Associates is regularly ranked as one of the top 20 global research firms and one of the top 40 international development innovators. The company has multiple offices in the U.S. and program offices in nearly 40 countries.