If we contacted you...
Abt SRBI is a recognized leader in the conduct of public opinion and public policy research. Our strictly non-partisan research builds bridges between decision-makers and the publics they serve.
If you have been contacted by an Abt SRBI researcher and asked to respond to a survey, we hope that you’ll participate. We conduct research on important issues such as community health, military veterans health, public opinion,  and other vital issues. Your participation in our research makes your opinions, feelings, and concerns known to government policy-makers, the media, and corporate decision-makers.
Your Privacy: Our Priority
Maintaining your privacy and trust is extremely important to us to assure the accuracy of our data. Unless otherwise noted, we never provide to policy makers or any other sponsors any identifying information such as
your name, address, phone number, or any other information that could reveal your personal identity. Data are provided to policy makers in statistical form only and never identified with you.
Abt SRBI is a member of the Council of Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and strictly abides by CASRO's Code of Professional Standards, particularly the Code of Respondent Confidentiality.
So, make your opinion count by participating! 
Current studies include:
New York City Community Health Survey
National Science Foundation - S-STEM
Ohio National Guard Survey
U.S. Department of Commerce - Study of National Issues (SONI)
U.S. Department of Labor - Young Parents Demonstration
U.S. Reserve and National Guard Survey