Survey Participation

Surveys help you!

Your answers help decision makers make better decisions. Understanding the opinions and behavior of people they are trying to serve helps business and government leaders make better, more efficient decisions. This helps you by improving the products and services that you use. Businesses can keep costs down if they know what consumers want before they develop new products or change old products. The government spends tax payer money more efficiently if they know what citizens need and want.

Your opinion counts!

The opinions of everyone selected for our studies are important to make decisions that reflect your needs. Surveys are usually conducted with a small group of people, who, if chosen randomly, represent the opinions of a much larger population. Imagine that the population is like a pot of soup. If you want to know how a pot of soup tastes you don't need to eat the whole pot; you stir the soup and taste a spoonful.

Abt SRBI does not sell anything to survey participants. We collect information that is used to improve products, services and policies. We ask questions to better understand your needs and concerns so that our public and private clients can better serve you.

For recent examples of important Abt SRBI research go the Research Impacts section of this website.

More information about survey research can be found at the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) website.