Customer Satisfaction

What do customers really think and do? Abt SRBI has over 25 years of experience developing and implementing successful customer measurement programs that target retail/residential and business customers. We have worked in many fields: Restaurants, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Electric Utilities, and Health Services, among others. 
We consider customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement among our primary areas of expertise. Thus, we have and will continue to invest heavily in the people, technology, and methods to:
  • Provide flexible feedback channels that fit customers’ ever-changing communication habits
  • Provide deeper insights and Improve the actionability of results
  • Motivate employees to change behavior
  • Improve the overall customer experience.
Our portfolio of services has evolved rapidly to address the broad range of business factors that influence the customer experience. Because employees have an impact on the customer experience, we have also developed new tools to guide hiring practices, retain employees, improve training effectiveness, and identify the most important links between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.