Web Panel Development

Abt SRBI has a proven track record in helping clients establish, maintain, and survey proprietary representative web panels. We have experience in recruitment via multiple methodologies: in-person, mail, and telephone. We offer a comprehensive, fully scalable suite of rigorous recruitment protocols combined with a state-of-the-art web survey, panel management, and reporting platform.

Case Studies

FFRISP (Face to Face Recruited Internet Survey Platform)
Abt SRBI helped establish the first-ever national web panel based on face-to-face recruitment of respondents, conducted under a grant from the National Science Foundation Major Instrumentation Research program. This study involved in-person recruitment of a nationally representative sample of 1,000 persons into a web survey panel. We conducted a total of 12 monthly web surveys from 2008 to 2009, reaching a 90% panel retention rate at the end of 12th wave of data collection. 

CATI Recruited Web Panel
Abt SRBI established, maintained and surveyed a nationally representative probability based web panel of over 5,000 respondents recruited via Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) for a major foundation client. Rigorous recruitment and nonresponse protocols were implemented for this study. Panel web surveys were administered in English and Spanish and were optimized for desktop and smartphone administration in addition to ensuring compatibility across all major web browsers.
Affluent Financial Services Panel
Abt SRBI designed, implemented, and maintained a proprietary customer panel of affluent cardholders for one of the largest U.S. securities companies. In addition to the baseline database, monthly surveys using the customer panel and an Internet panel of prospects were conducted throughout the first year of the study. The flexibility and depth of the information realized from the use of the panel far exceeded the client’s expectations and was used for new product development, marketing strategies, communication, and copy testing, as well as ongoing market understanding of this very important customer base.
Global Youth Organization Panel
Abt SRBI established and maintained a panel of more than 8,000 youth across geographically diverse regions stratified by six grade-levels. Adult volunteers working with youth panel members were also invited to join an adjunct panel. This platform allowed the organization to select targeted samples for topical surveys. It provided a mechanism for real-time results that traced progress over time, and enabled the organization to compare youth outcomes with those of the volunteers who worked with them. The panel was continuously maintained to reflect organization membership and refreshed for optimum use at the local and national level. Over time, consultative support and training were provided to increase use of the panel system, expand the number of members whose experience was tracked on the system, and increase the quality of the data collected.