Events - 2014

Abt SRBI Joins AAPOR Transparency Initiative

    Release Date: 11/20/2014

    Abt SRBI has become a Charter Member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s (AAPOR) newly launched Transparency Initiative (TI) to promote routine disclosure of research methods for publicly-released surveys.

    Abt SRBI Vice President Courtney Kennedy, AAPOR Standards Chair, who also serves on AAPOR’s TI Coordinating Committee, commented,

    “Becoming a charter member of the TI underscores our commitment to conducting rigorous, scientific research in the public interest. This is an important moment in our field, and we are pleased to be one of the earliest supporters.”
    The Transparency Initiative includes a few steps, which include the following, as outlined on the AAPOR Transparency Initiative web site:
    • Complete and submit a Transparency Initiative Certification Agreement;
    • Certify that all employees with job responsibilities that include the methodology content of survey reports, press releases and any other forms of survey data disclosure, have been properly trained in Transparency Initiative principles and procedures via our five TI Informational Modules;
    • Appoint a representative to coordinate compliance for the organization and be the main point of communication with AAPOR. This representative will work with the Transparency Initiative’s primary reviewers to ensure that the procedures are in place for certification and that the applicant organization is in compliance with the Transparency Initiative’s basic disclosure requirements;
    • Provide two examples of Transparency Initiative-compliant documentation based on two original surveys that will serve as models for future reporting, and working with reviewers to make modifications to this documentation to bring it into compliance (if not already);
    • Pay an application fee to AAPOR to cover basic costs associated with processing and providing ongoing monitoring. Note: all fees will be waived during the first twelve months of the Transparency Initiative’s operation. Small maintenance fees will be charged to all participating organizations in subsequent years; and
    • Agree to participate in biennial monitoring of a sample of recent studies, which will be reviewed for Transparency Initiative compliance.

    The Transparency Initiative follows up on Peter Miller’s 2010 AAPOR Presidential address, in which he wrote:

    “If we act boldly in coming months and years, AAPOR can make a significant difference in how survey research is practiced and understood.”

    Abt SRBI Vice President Ben Phillips will be coordinating the company’s TI efforts.

    For further information on AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative, see: