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Abt SRBI Statistician Encourages Young Professionals

    Release Date: 2/6/2014

    The American Statistical Association‘s STATtr@k web site is geared toward
    individuals who are currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate statistics program,
    recently graduated from a statistics program, or recently entered the statistics job world. The
    site educates young professionals on job opportunities in various areas.

    One major area of statistical applications is in the world of survey research. Abt SRBI Senior
    Statistician Randy ZuWallack was recently asked to write an article describing how statisticians
    contribute to the survey profession.
    Randy commented, “As I got started, I realized that this honor comes with great pressure! I have
    the opportunity to sway young, bright minds to choose a career in our profession over other
    statistical fields. This article had to be good (or at least better than the other career posts!).”

    In the article, Randy describes the attractions and challenges of a career as a survey
    statistician. This includes what he enjoys most about his profession and the skills essential to
    “I like to describe survey research simply—asking the right questions to the right people,” wrote
    Randy. “It sounds easy, but there are many pieces that need to come together to execute a

    Challenges he cites include the never-ending search for ways to do things better, faster,
    cheaper, while always championing data quality. “New technologies mean new opportunities for
    alternative ways to reach our target population,” he wrote. “Constant change means our
    profession never goes stale and we are allowed to explore our creative side.”

    At Abt SRBI, Randy specializes in sampling design and data collection methodologies. He has
    19 years of experience spanning topics such as public health, housing, and transportation. His
    road to survey statistics started with a BA in mathematics from SUNY-Geneseo and an MS in
    statistics from UMass-Amherst. He has designed and managed surveys for federal agencies
    such as the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the
    National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Federal Emergency Management
    Agency, and the Centers for Disease Control as well as for numerous state and local
    government agencies. ZuWallack joined Abt SRBI in the fall of 2012 after nine years at ICF
    International preceded by six years at the U.S. Census Bureau.

    His article may be found here: A Career in Survey Statistics?