Feature Stories - 2013

ABS Overview October 2013 Webinar

    Release Date: 11/19/2013

    Address-based sample (ABS) has grown in importance as an alternative to increasing difficulties in utilizing traditional dual frame landline/cell samples.  This growth has been fueled by the tremendous expansion of cell phones displacing traditional land lines in households, and the difficulties survey researchers experience in generating and weighting dual frame landline/cell samples. ABS utilizes the US Postal Service’s Computerized Delivery Sequence File (CDS). This database contains over 139 million addresses, covering nearly 97% of all households in the U.S.
    In this webinar, Abt SRBI’s Charles DiSogra, head of our Advanced Methods Group, presents a timely assessment of ABS samples and their utilization. He also outlines steps necessary for success in implementing ABS samples.

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