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ARTICLE: Is It a Post-Stratification or a Non-Response Adjustment?

    Release Date: 7/27/2016

    Survey Practice 
    Vol 9, No 3 (2016)
    Our survey statistics expert Stas Kolenikov (Ph.D., PStat) offers practical advice and clarification
    on the weighting procedures in his recently published Survey Practice article “Is It a Post-
    Stratification or a Non-Response Adjustment?

    This paper considers the conceptual similarities and differences in weight adjustment steps
    known as nonresponse adjustment, post-stratification, and calibration. The distinction is based
    on the information requirements, i.e., whether the data necessary for the specific type of weight
    adjustment exist at the population level, at the level of the original sample that includes both
    respondents and nonrespondents, and/or at the respondent level. An illustrative example
    is provided where the different weights are constructed.
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    *Survey Practice is an e-journal published by the American Association for Public Opinion Research.*