News Releases - 2013

Most Georgians Remain Opposed and Unclear About New Health Care Law

    Release Date: 9/25/2013

    With Obamacare’s most significant reforms ready for rollout, six in 10 (62%) Georgians have little idea of how the law will affect them, with most (57%) expressing an unfavorable opinion of the law generally, according to a new The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll produced by Abt SRBI.
    Despite the highly unfavorable views generally, many Georgian’s are supportive of individual provisions of Obamacare. A majority of Georgians have favorable views of four of five provisions:
    • Allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance until 26 – 71% favorable
    • Requiring health insurers to provide insurance, regardless of pre-existing conditions – 66% favorable
    • Requiring health insurers to cover birth control and other contraceptives – 58% favorable
    • Limiting amounts health insurers can charge older people – 50% favorable
    However, a majority (57%) expressed an unfavorable opinion of prohibiting health insurers from charging women higher premiums than men.
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