Practice Areas


The Health Group designs and conducts high quality health and health care surveys across a range of topics in diverse populations and settings. We have extensive experience tailoring our data collection efforts to the specific needs of public health surveillance, epidemiological studies, health services research, and program and policy evaluation. Our health studies with both general and rare populations demonstrate our understanding of the survey dynamic and the importance of aligning data collection implementation with analytic needs.

Our staff includes experienced survey methodologists and epidemiologists who specialize in surveys of families and children, veterans and active-duty military personnel, people with rare and chronic health care conditions, health care organizations and providers, and community and local data collection needs. Our rigorous survey data collection procedures routinely contribute to needs and preparedness assessments, program and policy evaluations, health communication campaigns, and health promotion interventions. Our surveys inform process and impact evaluations of health care quality improvement, innovation, and payment initiatives to improve health care delivery and outcomes. Our work frequently focuses on health attitudes and behaviors among mobile, minority, and high-risk populations. 

We provide full service or targeted services in study design, questionnaire development and evaluation, pretests and pilot studies, multi-mode surveys, telephone surveys, face-to-face field surveys, Web surveys, administrative record abstraction, surveillance, biologic specimen collection, and respondent tracking and locating. Our qualitative services include focus groups, message testing, and in-depth key informant interviews.

While we remain firmly grounded in the fundamentals of sound data collection techniques, we continue to develop, test, and refine innovative approaches to data collection that address the challenges of our rapidly changing survey environment.