Practice Areas

Immigration and Immigration Policy

Immigration reform, one of the most deeply contested policy arenas in the U.S. today, is also one of the most challenging areas of survey research. Abt SRBI has a proven track record of overcoming these challenges at all phases of the survey research process.
Immigrant populations are among the “hard-to-reach” or hidden populations that pose multiple methodological challenges for sampling, recruitment, and survey administration.  Language and cultural differences can be an impediment. Immigrants may be untrusting of researchers or unaccustomed to talking with researchers, and no sampling frame exists for undocumented or temporary immigrants. And while some immigrant populations are of high policy interest, their incidence in the population is rare.
To reach the range of immigration populations, we maintain in-house capabilities across all survey modes (in-person, mail, phone, web, mobile devices, inbound interactive voice response) and production departments, including full-time coding, GIS, sampling, and data processing departments.
With a phone center in New York City, Abt SRBI has ready access to skilled interviewers in almost any language.
Our capabilities to carry out research on immigration include:
  • Multilingual data collection capability
  • Instrument development and cognitive testing
  • Sample design
  • Weighting and Tabulations
  • Quantitative analysis and reporting