Practice Areas


Abt SRBI’s International Research group specializes in data collection that offers scalable research solutions and delivers actionable insights on a range of issues, including health, transportation, and social policy.  Whether the goal is to survey the public across a variety of markets or to interview a small but critical group of stakeholders, we have the expertise and resources to develop cost-effective research designs.


Our seasoned project directors have collectively managed more than 50 multi-country projects and conducted surveys in more than 70 countries. However, we believe that local, boots-on-the-ground survey researchers know how to best navigate and respect local culture and customs without compromising research objectives.  We have an extensive network of research partners that meet our high standards for sample design, data collection, translation, and quality control.  Rather than outsourcing the responsibility for this most critical part of a project, our senior managers and project directors tightly manage and monitor local data collection efforts to ensure that research objectives are met. We are often on-site locally for project launches that include:
  • Multi-country health surveys, including large-volume household screening
  • Surveys of stakeholders and elites, including in-depth interviews
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Hard-to-reach populations
  • Customized, multi-mode research designs.
Examples of Projects

We have conducted landmark international health surveys of low-incidence diseases, including surveys of people suffering from COPD, asthma, allergies, and psoriasis. Abt SRBI pioneered the research design for these studies, which requires large-scale random probability screening of households by telephone and face-to-face interviews to identify qualified respondents and produce estimates of disease prevalence.
Our researchers also have deep experience conducting general population surveys internationally on social and policy issues, attitudes toward government, and religion. In addition to in-house experience with monitoring and evaluation, we can draw upon the technical resources of our parent company, Abt Associates.   
Specific projects include:
  • Epidemiology and Impact of COPD in Asia
  • Confronting COPD in North America, Europe, and Latin America
  • Asthma Management and Information in North America, Europe, and Latin America
  • Nasal Allergies in Asia and the Middle East
  • Sustainability Evaluation for the Rotary Foundation
  • International Survey of Muslims for Arizona State University (Minerva Grant)