Practice Areas

Public Opinion and Polling

Abt SRBI is a leader in conducting surveys of the American public to understand their views on political issues, public policy, and public and private institutions. We combine high-quality data collection under tight deadlines with analysis that focuses on real-world implications and applications.

Abt SRBI conducts research on a wide range of public policy issues, shedding light on issues to improve the quality of life of people in the United States and worldwide. For nearly three decades, we have developed studies to probe major issues of national and regional relevance, such as religion, economy, employment, and climate change. Along the way, we have developed sophisticated sampling designs to reach rare and other typically under-sampled populations.

Abt SRBI is at the forefront of election and pubic affairs research that provides valuable insights into public opinion to our clients. Our studies for media, academic and major foundation clients range from measuring election outcomes and voting behavior to probing opinions on current events.  Our geographically dispersed call centers ensure seamless data collection on time-sensitive polls.