Public Opinion and Polling

Election and Public Affairs

As an industry leader in non-partisan political and public affairs polling, Abt SRBI has the in-house capacity to perform high quality data collection under tight deadlines.  Our staff has expertise in questionnaire design, sample design and data analysis.  Abt SRBI analysis focuses on the strategic and tactical implications of the research findings. Research reports are tailored to meet client needs at all levels, ranging from presentation decks summarizing key findings to in-depth analysis with statistical modeling. 
Our operations staff includes expert data processing personnel with expertise in data weighting, tabulations, new variable creation, and coding tailored specifically for election and public affairs polling.   Furthermore, Abt SRBI has the labor force necessary to handle large-scale, quick turnaround polls.  Abt SRBI has data collection capability across all modes. Our five large U.S. based telephone research centers with over 400 CATI stations allow us maintain continuity of data collection.  These interviewing positions are staffed by experienced Abt SRBI interviewers who are continuously monitored for quality control.
Key Abt SRBI studies include the 2012 ANES (American National Election Study).  In addition, Abt SRBI conducts polling operations for ABC News, Washington Post (including the ABC News/Washington Post Poll), Time Magazine, Pew Research Center and Pew Charitable Trusts.