Public Opinion and Polling

Public Opinion Research

Abt SRBI is a leader in conducting national and local public opinion surveys that focus on building bridges between decision-makers and the publics they serve.
Working with media and foundation clients, we conduct timely polling on topics such as job approval ratings of elected officials, support levels for proposed and existing government policies, health care issues, and elections. Our work for Time magazine and other media has garnered high-profile recognition.
Our public opinion polling delves into such topics as:
  • How well prepared are Americans for the predicted onslaught of Alzheimer’s sufferers and the care-giving required? 
  • How much confidence do consumers have in the economy?
  • What are the hiring plans of small businesses as the national economy struggles to recover?
  • How much confidence do citizens have in their institutions, such as government, business, religious, and educational institutions?
  • What are the trade-offs between government policies and expenditures?
  • Where do Americans stand on immigration reform?
Media and foundation clients turn to Abt SRBI to address these challenging issues because we have a large team of highly skilled, non-partisan analysts, methodologists, and project directors.

Our rapid-response interviewing and production division conducts several million interviews each year in multiple languages and in all modes – telephone, in-person, web, mail, and interactive voice response.