Household Travel Surveys

New technologies and appoaches shape how Household Travel Surveys (HTS) are conducted today. We are at the forefront of innovations and implementation skills to conduct large- and small-scale HTS while containing costs.


Our highly experienced HTS management team is backed by nationally recognized Abt SRBI experts in sampling and programming.  Abt SRBI is a prime innovator of GPS technology in HTS, having conducted and reported the first GPS-only HTS in the United States for Ohio DOT. 

With our client partners, Abt SRBI is conducting experimentations to document successful strategies for recruitment and travel survey completion, including:
  • ABS and other acceptable sampling strategies that promote efficiencies
  • GPS and Smartphone app data collection and processing
  • Incentive strategies
  • Method response approaches and efficiencies
  • Reminder strategies
  • Text messaging