Research Impacts - Studies

Story Date
Survey on Children and Family Policy May 2, 2013
Abt SRBI Conducts Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm (EIB) SurveyMarch 1, 2010
Abt SRBI Conducts Asthma Insights and Management StudyNovember 1, 2009
Abt SRBI Conducts COPD Study April 1, 2009
Abt SRBI Conducts Cell Phone Survey April 4, 2006
Fact Sheet: Enlarged Prostate (EP) in American Men Landmark Survey ResultsJanuary 11, 2005
SRBI Conducts Interviewing for Largest 2004 Election StudyNovember 1, 2004
SRBI Rutgers U. Study Calls For Improved CommunicationsOctober 19, 2004
Landmark Survey Reveals Asthma in Children Remains Significantly Out of Control in the United StatesJanuary 1, 2004
SRBI Reports On Motor Vehicle Occupant SafetySeptember 23, 2003
Treatment Experiences and Preferences of Patients with Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases: National SurveyJune 20, 2003
Persons Diagnosed With Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Are Overall Familiar With The National Patient Organizations And Support Their Activities.June 11, 2003
Public Believes Financial Fraud Rampant, But Majority Still Have Confidence In The Stock Market, Survey FindsJuly 8, 2002
Psychological Trauma Among New Yorkers from Sept 11 AttacksMarch 28, 2002
Senior Financial Executives Say Enron Damaged Credibility of Accounting Firms February 12, 2002
Results from the Energy Market Researcher Survey January 29, 2002
Breathless in America: National Survey of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease January 1, 2002
Confronting COPD in North America and Europe: A Cross National Survey in 8 CountriesSeptember 23, 2001
Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases in America: The First National Survey of Patients and Specialists June 1, 2001
SRBI Report For IRS Survey Of International Business Entities January 1, 2001
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